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Accessing PowerSchool

Accessing the Home Base tool, PowerSchool, is based on user roles and at the discretion of the local education agency (district).   Steps on how to request user access are below:

Step 1:  Contact your school, school district, or charter school and request access.  (DPI Education Directory)

Step 2:  Once you have been given access, claim your account at https://my.ncedcloud.org/arms/claim/step1

Step 3:  Bookmark this link:  my.ncedcloud.org/ so that you will have easy access to it in the future.


How to Access PowerSchool Parent and Student Portal

Parents may only gain access to the PowerSchool Parent and Student Portal. (Students’ may also access Schoolnet.)  This portal gives parents and students access to real time student data.

Parents should contact their local education agency for access.  More details for obtaining access and use  are provided in the following video.

Parent Portal

(Parent Portal Transcript)

Mobile apps for parents and students are also available.