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Imagine Math

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) is excited to announce a new partnership with Imagine Learning to assist students, educators, and parents with math in grades 3-8, NC Math 1, and NC Math 2. Specifically, NCDPI has awarded a “convenience contract” available to all NC public schools to leverage economies-of-scale pricing as well as state-compliant security and architecture terms for the Imagine Math solution.

The Imagine Math solution offers:

  • On-demand tutoring by certified math teachers, including evenings and weekends for help with homework
  • Parent portal to assist with child progress monitoring
  • North Carolina standards-aligned adaptive math content
  • Supports and scaffolds for English language learners
  • Personalized learning driven by formative assessments
  • Motivation system that develops confident thinkers

With a proven track record of improving outcomes in math, Imagine Learning provides a valuable service to not only educators and students, but also parents helping their children succeed. In fact, a recent study found that students using Imagine Math are three times more likely to be proficient.[1]  

The state negotiated convenience pricing is now available to all NC Public Schools; those that currently have an existing contract with the vendor may initiate a new agreement at the lower rate. The pricing options are outlined below, and either option may be selected based on individual district/school need.


Pricing and contacts

[1] Utah STEM Action Center at the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. STEM Grant Program Annual Evaluation Report, 2015-16.