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Home Base, a comprehensive suite of tools designed for leveraging the whole classroom experience by supporting individualized instruction and learning for both educators and students, was originally developed and partially funded through the 2010-2015 Federal Race to the Top Grant, and is now supported through state and local school district funding. It provides digital-age learning resources that further promotes NCDPI’s four pillars of personalized learning:

  • A learner profile that documents and stimulates self-reflection on strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and goals.
  • An individualized learning path that encourages a student to set and manage personal academic goals.
  • A competency-based progression that focuses on the ability to demonstrate mastery of a topic, rather than seat time.
  • A flexible and structured learning environment that supports individual goals.

Who uses Home Base?

  • Educators use it to access student data, distribute assignments, track student progression, and as a teaching and learning resource to help students.  Educators also use it to coordinate their professional learning and tailor their training to their unique career aspirations.
  • Students use it to access their assignments, grades and learning activities.
  • Parents use it to view their children’s attendance and grades, and to communicate with teachers.
  • Administrators use it to manage schedules, monitor student progress, educator effectiveness and professional development  in their schools and districts.

What are the primary applications (components) of Home Base?